2012 Chicago Auto Show

2012’s Chicago auto show was, in many ways, very similar to 2011’s Chicago auto show. For instance, GM is still pushing CNG commercial vans, the boys and girls at Scion found just the right mix of clever and whimsy to steal my heart, there was a new (boring) Honda that got upstaged by its super-slick CNG Civic understudy and the company’s own static engine display, there were ride-alongs and test drives in various Multi-Air Fiats and Chevy Volts, and (sadly) I did not make sweet, forbidden love to the business end of a Honda (nee Acura) NSX under the McCormick Center’s blinding stage lights.

Before you get to thinking there were no surprises, though, we did discover an odd truth about (most) hybrid sedans, and (with help from GM’s top marketing brass) we got a chance to explore the effects of various “chemical marketing aids” on a pair of jaded gearheads in an attempt to answer the oldest of age-old questions: how many sugary sweets does it take to make someone feel good about a new Buick?

We have the answer, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow.

Until then, do your best to enjoy this tiny “teaser” gallery, below, which Miss Charis and I will expand with an index of “Chicago 2012” stories, as they get published. We’ve got much, much more to come, kids. Stay tuned!

Source: 2012 Chicago Auto Show.

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