Green News Roundup: Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Good morning and happy day folks. With the Chicago Auto Show almost upon us, I’ve sent two of our intrepid freelancers, Jo Borras and Charis Michelsen, to cover the “green” side of the show tomorrow today through Friday. For now though it’s your daily dose of alt-fuel news. This morning’s highlights include the price of the Prius C, a 10-year old discovers a new energy storage molecule, and Orange County Choppers builds a biodiesel motorcycle.

Toyota Prius C Priced At $18,950 [Green Car Congress]

2013 Buick Regal Gets eAssist Standard [Autoblog Green]

An Electric 3-Wheeler From Sweden [TechVehi]

A Biodiesel Motorcycle Build By Orange County Choppers [Domestic Fuel]

10-Year Old Discovers New Energy Storage Molecule [Inhabitat]

Nissan Gives A Sneak-Peak Of Its B-Segment “Invitation” [Treehugger]

Christopher DeMorro

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