Higher MPG, Higher Sticker Price – Peugeot 508 RXH

The peugeot 508 rxh is expensive.Peugeot’s flagship car, the 508 RXH, goes on sale in just a couple of months. Bare weeks before the car shows up at dealerships, Peugeot has finally announced the price. It’s not exactly pretty – 41,900 Euros (that’s $55,000 USD), a 9,000 Euro price difference from the comparable gasoline-powered 508 SW.

The upside to the 508 RXH is pretty much everything else, if you like the station-wagon-on-steroids type that’s nearly an SUV anyway. They’re all over, which makes me think they’re pretty popular and that Peugeot might be channeling the target market here.

The 508 RXH isn’t only a giant station wagon with extra ground clearance for off-roading, of course (and how many people actually off-road in their SUVs? I personally know exactly one). The new flagship car has been outfitted with a functional hybrid drive.

Diesel and (Sometimes) Pure Electric

The 2.0 liter diesel engine in the front of the car has about 160HP, and the electric motor mounted on the rear axle has an output of 27 kW. The rear-mounted electric motor is actually pretty versatile, and the one thing that I really like about the car. If the ground is rough, it powers the rear wheels for 4 wheel drive. If you should happen to run out of gas (it happens to all of us once or twice), the electric motor will move the car for up to 2.5 miles provided the driver stays below 35 mph.

The electric motor also helps the car accelerate quickly – Peugeot alleges zero to sixty in 8.5 seconds, which is fairly decent for a daily driver type normal passenger car. (You wouldn’t want to put your kids into something that does zero to sixty in less than 3 seconds, right? Right?) After reaching 60mph, the RXH can just keep going all the way up to 130mph before topping out.

If the 508 RXH is driven as intended with diesel in its tank, Peugeot claims that it will get 57mpg (combined city and highway), with a carbon dioxide output of 107 g/km (well below the EU standards for all new cars over the next few years).

The neat parts of the RXH hybrid aside, I’m not sure I’d pay over $50,000 for it, which is about what a faster, sleeker Tesla Model S sedan costs (after tax credits.) Then again, I like the pure electric cars. What do you think? Let us know in the comments, below.

Source: Auto Motor Und Sport | Image: Peugeot


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