Green News Roundup: Monday, February 6th, 2012

Congratulations to my boys in blue, the New York Football Giants, for their Superbowl victory last night. What a game, that’s all I have to say. On to the green news! This morning’s highlights includes the real deal on propane AutoGas prices, Saudi Arabia is worried about global warming, and a taxi cab made of yarn.

The Real Deal On Propane AutoGas Pricing [AutoGas Fleet]

Nano-Oil Increases Thermal Conductivity Of EV Components By 80% [Green Car Congress]

Saudi Arabia’s Environmental Minister Worried About Global Warming [Planet Save]

7 Ways Superbowl XVI Was Green [Inhabitat]

Compulsive Crocheter Knits Taxi Cab Of Yarn [Treehugger]

Fisker Lowers 2012 Sales Expectations To 10,000 Cars [Autoblog Green]

Christopher DeMorro

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