Super-Cute Electric Box on Wheels – the Boxx Scooter

Boxx ScooterThe Boxx scooter is aptly named – it’s a box on wheels, handlebars above and wheels below. It almost doesn’t even look like it’s supposed to be ridden at all, but if you look closely you can see the footrests. The prototype made its debut at the Portland Auto Show in the Eco Center this weekend.

The Boxx is more than just a weirdly shaped scooter, though – it’s a 100% battery-driven electric vehicle. No emissions, no going to the gas station, everything else that goes along with an electric car attached to a super clean tiny little shape.

Scooting in Style

There’s also a surprising amount of customization available; the basic version of the scooter has a range of 40 miles and charges in 4 hours, but the battery pack can be upgraded for an 80 mile range, or the quick charge option can be purchased to reduce charging time to just 60 minutes. There’s even a winter pack with heated seats available (this is, by far, my favorite option).

All models come with two-wheel drive, two storage spaces (they can’t be that big), an ABS system, and LED lights. It weighs 120 lbs, so it’s not quite a scooter in a suitcase (for most of us), but it could be parked nearly anywhere. Oh, and you get your choice of 10 colors for the body and 2 for the seat.

The one potential downside to the Boxx is that its top speed is “governed 28 – 35 mph, region specific,” but if you’re driving this around the city, that shouldn’t really matter (seriously, no one is going faster than 30mph in the middle of Chicago traffic, okay).

There are 100 units available this year (the basic version is $3995, and upgrading will cost you), or reservations can be made for 2013 and 2014 models. Check out the video (timestamp 0:25) to see a brief view of the front of a white model.

Questions? Opinions? It seems super cute to me, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments, below.

Source: TechVehi | Image: BoxxCorp.

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