Video: Mission: Impossible to Mission: Inevitable in 999* days.

Photo Courtesy of eCRP and Damiano Fiorentini

TTXGP, our favorite racing series (and the only all-electric international racing series) just posted this great video. It’s a celebration of how far they’ve come since the first race in 2009. For 2012, you’ll likely see most of the same competitors, as well as some new ones. There’s bound to be closer racing as the battery capacity continues to improve, letting riders really ride full throttle through the entire race.

Agni, Brammo, Mission, MotoCzysz, Münch, Zero, Zongshen and all the rest should have us on the edge of our seats next season. I’m rooting for all of them, but I’m especially looking forward to seeing what eCRP‘s new bike can do, and hoping to see Shelina Moreda show the boys how it’s done…

* OK, so it’s officially 1,000 but 999 is just so much cooler. It’s one of the best songs to race to, after all.

Susanna Schick

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