Green News Roundup: Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Let’s go GIANTS! I am a huge New York Giants fan, so you can imagine I am pretty psyched about going back to the Super Bowl…but you’re not here for that, are you? No, you’re interested in the Green News Roundup, so lets get down to it. This morning’s highlights include a bolt-on range-extender for EV’s, a Tesla Roadster goes snow drifting, and a Fiat 500 electric limo fit for the President of the United States…

KSPG’s Range Extended Gives EV’s Gas [Autoblog Green]

Helping Plug-In Cars Handle Harsh Winters [CleanTechnica]

FairDiesel: An Opposed-Cylinder Diesel Engine [FairDiesel]

BMW Targets “Adventurers” For Its ActiveE EV [TTAC]

Video: Tesla Roadster Drifts In The Snow [TechVehi]

An Electric Fiat 500 Convertible For The President? [Green Car Reports]

Christopher DeMorro

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