Opel Goes Green with the Junior – Hybrid, Electric, and Fuel-Efficient Gas Models

Opel Junior with Electric and Hybrid Options
Photo Courtesy of Auto Motor und Sport

The Opel Junior – also known as the Opel Allegra or the Opel New Small, depending on who’s talking – is set to hit the market at the end of 2012. It was spotted doing some winter road tests this week, still heavily camouflaged, but finally out from underneath the shortened Corsa body.

The Junior is built on a shortened Opel Corsa platform, being just shy of 138” long, and is supposed to have 3 doors and seatbelts for 4. One could likely fit more than 4 people in the car, but that seems less than safe.

Speculative Detail (Or, If I Use Enough Adjectives, Something Will Be Right)

The Junior’s front seems somewhat chunky, although it’s hard to tell under all the coverings. The hood is strongly curved, though, and it’s pretty short. The headlights are set high up, and the roof lines run back in a classic coupe shape. According to the first rumors, the Junior is supposed to be reminiscent of the Astra GTC, but that’s rather difficult to verify at this point.

The Junior is also supposed to have trendy design lines and bright colors; while that’s not been confirmed, the first look at the curvy dashboard shows off chrome-lined instruments. If that’s not some kind of trend, I don’t know what is. (Although at least the chrome is on the inside of the car, where I prefer it.)

Heading in the Green Direction

The Junior is supposed to come as both a standard gasoline and a diesel flavored combustion engine type, both of which are supposed to be greener in that they’re more fuel efficient than the average small car. It gets really green with the hybrid version and the battery electric version, although the electric Junior won’t be available until 2014.

The Junior is meant to be competition to the VW Up, presented at the IAA, but the electric Up will be on the market a full year before the electric Junior makes its debut. The electric Skoda Citigo, another potential rival, will also hit the market in 2014.

What I’m taking away from this is that the next few years are looking pretty good for electric cars. How about you? Let us know what you think in the comments, below.

Source | Image: Auto Motor und Sport.

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