Ferrari FF Adds Horsepower, Lowers Emissions With E85 Ethanol

There is a lot of debate these days for and against ethanol. Environmentalists and deficit hawks both agree that the idea of turning food into fuel is a bad idea, but other methods of making ethanol for non-edibile biomass still hold lots of promise. And if you’re into horsepower (like me) than stories like this Ferrari FF making an extra 225 horsepower on E85 is music to your ears.

Ferrari’s are notoriously expensive cars, where something as simple as floor mats can add an extra $500 to the MSRP. But for about $2,500, Ferrari FF owners can change the tune on their exotic sports cars to run E85 ethanol fuel. This cheap tune can add up to 225 horsepower on top of the 650 horsepower the Ferrari’s V12 engine already makes.

That adds up to 875 horsepower, and while speed tests haven’t happened yet, the tuners estimate that the E85-powered Ferrari will hit 0-62 mph in less than 3 seconds. On top of that, the E85 fuel in the Ferrari will reportedly yield an 80% reduction in emissions. Not sure if I believe that, as it would bring the Ferrari’s g/km of emissions down from 360 g/km to less than 100 g/km…better than a Prius, and most turbodiesel offerings as well. So I’m calling BS on that.

Unlike some other automakers, which have embraced hybridization and alternative fuels, Ferrari has been somewhat reluctant, though they have managed to curb emissions on many models through improved engine controls. But leave it up to the aftermarket to come up with a cost effective and logical alt-fuel improvement to an already impressive car like the Ferrari FF.

But the extra horsepower? Hell ya. I don’t care why someone chooses to go green, whether it be for more power or cleaner air. But when they do, and it had the added benefit of improved performance over fossil fuels…that’s a win-win in my book.

Source | Image: CarsUK

Christopher DeMorro

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