Skoda's Urban Commuter Citigo Goes Electric

Skoda E-CitigoCzech automaker Skoda is really trying to find the green line and stick to it. The company announced this week that their new small family car intended for urban driving only, the Citigo (see what they did there), will also come with a purely electric drive.

The standard Citigo, coming to European markets this year, is a fairly normal and definitively small car; it has low emissions, decent mileage, and it’s only 140” long. The electric version will be available in 2014.

Like many of Skoda’s offerings, much of the technology involved will come directly from Volkswagen (since Skoda is a wholly owned VW subsidiary, that’s not surprising). In this case, the sister model (or perhaps test subject?) for the E-Citigo is VW’s E-Up, which will reach the market next year.

Pure Electric for the City

The E-Citigo is supposed to come with an 85 kW electric motor and 26.5 kWh batteries; Skoda is not yet sure how far they’ll take the car, or how long it will take to charge them. It will have two doors and room for four adults (if they don’t mind squishing into the back seat a little).

Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland spoke briefly about the E-Citigo at the launch of a fleet of Skoda Octavia Green E Line wagons, as reported by Autobild:

“The pure electric drive is something meant only for city traffic. As the Citigo is also meant for city traffic, of course we must also build an electric Citigo.”

Congested city traffic is, of course, the perfect environment for an electric car – unlike a vehicle running on a combustion engine, no fuel or energy is wasted while the car isn’t moving. I’m just surprised the E-Citigo didn’t come first.

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Source: Autobild | Image: Skoda.

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