Drayson-Lola Set to ELECTRIFY LeMans

With wins in virtually every type of motor racing you can imagine – Indycar, Formula 1, rowboats, etc. – Lola is an undisputed motorsports legend. Earlier this week, the Lola legend got a little bit greener, with the announcement that UK-based Drayson Racing would be bring an all-electric racer to taze shock zap amp-up the LeMans Prototype class in 2012.

Officially (and unimaginatively) called the B12/69EV, the Drayson-Lola “showcases advances such as inductive charging, composite battery power, moveable aerodynamics and electrical regenerative damping, making it one of the most innovative cleantech motorsport project in the world,” according to project head Lord Drayson, who is the UK’s former Minister of Science and Innovation and current Managing Partner at Drayson Racing, as well as President of the Motorsport Industry Association and (possibly, I didn’t fact-check this) being an actual Lord (Oh, lawdy!).

We can see some of those technological innovations laid out in the diagram, below …

… indeed, with movable aerodynamics, wireless quick-charging, Lola’s renowned chassis innovations, regenerative KERS-style braking, and more than 850 hp available from the Drayson-Lola’s electric motors, the new B12/69EV “aims to be the fastest electric-powered racecar to lap a circuit.”

We shall see soon enough, yes?

You can see a few more photo, below, and check out the original Drayson press release here.

Source: Drayson Racing, via Motorpasion F1.

Jo Borrás

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