Quimera, IMSA, ALMS and TTXGP Join Forces For Sustainable Racing

I love racing, and few things get me more excited the ever-expanding array of sustainable motor sports series popping up. Now some of the biggest names in sustainable racing are joining forces to create the next generation of clean racing series. Quimera, the International Motor Sport Association, the American Le Mans Series, and the TTXGP are all coming together to bring a new brand of green racing series to the worlds.

These are all major players in the world of racing and cleantech, and you may remember Quimera’s awesome EV race car which debuted to the world last year. I’ve also written a lot about the American Le Mans Series, which promotes clean fuels like E85, iso-butonal, diesel, and hybrid vehicles by making them compete against each other. Then there is the TTXGP, the world’s foremost electric motorcycle racing series. And last, but certainly not least, there is the IMSA, the presiding motor sports organization of, well, the world.

Together, these entities are going to prepare the media, viewers, and racers for a new generation of racers. Quimera is going to take the lead by debuting a version of its 525 kw/700 horsepower AEGT all-electric race car at the American Le Mans series this year. Another catagory, Touring GT, will be open to all OEM’s and would welcome all-electric race cars of up to 300 kw/390 horsepower. Quimera won’t be alone in bringing an electric race car to the ALMS this year though.

Electric Formula is creating its Formulec vehicle, a 220kw/285 horsepower racer for the open-wheel class, much like Formula 1 cars, though they also are not the only ones creating an open-wheel electric racer. Quimera is also devloping a 170kw/220 horsepower electric drifting car for competition, and the TTXGP is expected to expand is classes and racing offerings in conjunction with this effort to bring electric racing to the masses.

I just got goose bumps. Unlike other electric racing efforts that have floundered and failed due to a lack of interest, what we have here are several very well-established racing series working to hand-in-hand to promote real electric racing at real race car speeds.

Happy happy, joy joy.

Source: Quimera

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