Yes, You Can Buy a Peugeot iOn Now

Peugeot iOn for salePeugeot’s iOn has been rolling around Europe for a while, with the caveat that it could only be leased. For those who’d rather own their EV, Peugeot has now decided that anyone who really likes the iOn can go ahead and buy it.

Rent, Own, Rent, Own…

Previously, the iOn was leasable from Peugeot, for about $765/month (converted to USD) – not exactly cheap, although it did include all maintenance and repair work. The sticker price, however, markedly undercuts its competition; its sister car, the Citroen C-Zero, and Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV are both available for about 35,000 Euros ($44,900 USD), while the iOn starts at 24,700 ($31,700 USD).

Peugeot likes to call the significantly cheaper sticker price “democracy for the electric car.” That might be going a little far; it’s still not cheap, compared to a small gas-burner, and really, Peugeot, you’re just selling a car here.

Hey, It Runs Pretty Well

Still, the iOn is a fairly decent ride; it has a range of 93 miles (which Peugeot claims is sufficient for most daily driving, and I would tend to agree with that), and its lithium ion batteries take roughly nine hours to charge up to 100% from a standard household outlet. It can also be taken to a quick-charge station, which will put the batteries at 80% in thirty minutes.

The iOn also has airbags and electronic stability control, climate control, electric windows, a CD/MP3 radio with Bluetooth and USB ports, and other features that (let’s face it) will drain the battery faster if you use them. It does come with a 2-year warranty for everything, and a 5 year/31,000 mile warranty for the electric drive train (including the battery), which is a plus.

Source: Autobild | Image: Peugeot.


Charis Michelsen

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