Green News Roundup: Tuesday, January 4th, 2012

Happy New Year everybody! We’re back to our reguarly scheduled program…only not. A new year brings changes, and I have a few of them in store for Gas2. But what won’t be changing is the morning news roundup. Some of this morning’s highlights include an old Soviet warship turned luxury hotel, a really fast hybrid boat, and a range-extended hybrid…go-kart.

China Turns Old Soviet Warship Into Floating Luxury Hotel [Inhabitat]

Google Goes Electric With Mitsubishi i [Green Car Reports]

Solar-Powered Hybrid Tender Is Fast, Superfly [TechVehi]

Study: Proper Tire Inflation/Alignment Can Improve MPG By 15% [Green Car Congress]

Fuel Cell Industry Grows Up With Gov’t Support [Forbes]

Range-Extender Designed For Electric Go-Karts [TechVehi]


Christopher DeMorro

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