Green News Roundup: Friday, December 30th, 2011

Well dear readers, the curtain is coming down on another year. 2011 will surely go down as a watershed year for the world, and for me personally as well. On that note, it’s time for your last dose of the green news roundup. This morning’s highlights include the Indy EV 500, Mitsubishi is building an EV truck, and Dusseldorf Airport goes solar.

Mitsibishi i Takes Part In First EV Indy 500 [Road & Track]

Video: EV Ice Racers Rock The Track [Green Car Reports]

Does China’s Monopoly On Rare Earth Elements Imperil Clean Tech? [CleanTechies]

Kleenspeed Plotting Road-Going EV Built In China [Wired]

Mitsubishi Bringing EV Truck To Market In 2012 [Plug-In Cars]

Germany’s Dusseldorf Airport Add’s Country’s Largest Solar Array [Inhabitat]

Christopher DeMorro

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