Green News Roundup: Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Gooooood morning green news fans! It’s a crisp, cold day here in New England, but still no snow on the ground. However, I do have some fascinating green news stories to share with you all! Among this morning’s highlights; the Fisker Karma has better problems, Mitt Romney dismisses the Chevy Volt, and a tiny, off-the-grid bus.

Fisker Karma Batteries May Cooling Issues [The Truth About Cars]

Former Transportation Secretary Says Diesels Make More Sense Than Hybrids [Jalopnik]

A Tiny, Off-The-Grid Bus Is A Life Of Luxury [Tiny House Listings]

Romney: Chevy Volt An “Idea Whose Time Has Not Come” [Autoblog Green]

U.S. Interstates Reimagined As Subway System [Cambooth]

Researchers Developing Biofilm To Clean Tar Sands Tailings [Green Car Congress]

Christopher DeMorro

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