Green News Roundup: Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

The holidays are over, and I do hope Santa (if you’re a fan of the fat man) left you a whole bunch of good, green gifts. Me? Well, I got a goat!…for a Sudanese family. Giving, not recieving, is what the holidays are all about right? But now that that is over, we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled programming with a green news roundup. This morning’s highlights include China’s 500 KPH bullet train, a 100 MPGe Hybrid Pickup, and a blinged-out bicycle

China Set To Test 500 KPH Bullet Train [Reuters]

Electric Bike Trailer Boosts E-Bike Speed, Range [Inhabitat]

Via Motors To Launch 100 MPGe Hybrid Pickup [Green Car Reports]

Fuzzy Volt Math Doesn’t Add Up [The Street]

Blinged-Out Bike For The Rich And Eco-Concious [DVICE]

Coskata Ethanol Company Files For IPO [Alt-Energy Stocks]


Christopher DeMorro

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