Green News Roundup: Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Did you know that a year from today, the Mayans predicted the end of the world? True story! So I hope you’re planning on making 2012 your best year ever. In the mean time, here are some green news stories to brighten your day. Some of this morning’s highlights include the Adventures of PLUG, GM’s CEO wants to build 60,000 Chevy Volts next year, and Toyota teases its next plug-in hybrid concept.

VIDEO: Nissan Releases “The Adventures Of PLUG” Video Series [TechVehi]

NEDRA, IHRA Team Up For EV Drag Racing In Canada [Electric Vehicle News]

Oil Companies Faked Grass Roots Support Campaigns [Treehugger]

GM CEO Wants To Build 60,000 Volts In 2012 [Detroit Free Press]

Toyota Teases NS4 Plug-In Hybrid Concept (Top Pics) [Toyota]

Study: Average Family Spend Over $4,000 This Year On Gas [Huffington Post]

Christopher DeMorro

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