Green News Roundup: Monday, December 19th, 2011

Happy Monday, and almost Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays as well, just to cover all my bases…but anyways, on to the news! This morning’s highlights include a California’s campaign against 3,000 mile oil changes, GM’s powerful little Euro-diesel, and Mahindra pickups might be built in Alabama.

California Campaigns Against 3,000 Mile Oil Changes [Autoblog]

GM’s 2.0L Euro Diesel Makes 200 HP, 300 TQ [Bangshift]

U.S. Army Testing Plug-In Hybrid HUMVEE Replacement [Inhabitat]

Juicer Electric Bike Is Retro Cool [Autoblog Green]

Mahindra Pickups May Be Produced In Alabama [Mahindra Planet]

Volt Fire Hysteria Motivated By Politics? [Plug-In Cars]

Christopher DeMorro

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