Green News Roundup: Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Thursday used to be a special day when I was in college. Now, not so much.  But I do get to bring you guys and gals some great green news. This morning’s highlights include the Ford Focus Electric aiming for 100 MPGe, Mazda may go electric by 2018, and a Hummer made from recycled scrap metal. .

Ford Focus Electric Production Begins, Aims For 100 MPGe [MLive]

Chinese Man Builds Hummer From Scrap Metal [Carscoop]

E85 Now Harder To Find Than EV Charging Stations [Green Car Reports]

Mazda Plans EV For 2018 [egmCarTech]

Fisker Hikes Karma Price By $10,000 [Fox News]

Will Wireless Charging Go Big In 2013? [Inhabitat]

Christopher DeMorro

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