VolksWagen Electrifies the Caddy to Test EV Feasibility

VW Electro-CaddyVW is jumping on the electro-fleet bandwagon with an electric version of the VW Caddy. The Wolfsburg-based group will be testing electronic mobility for its commercial feasibility in the city of Hannover and with “other partners,” according to Volkswagen, with an electric Caddy fleet totaling 7 vehicles in all.

The exercise is supposed to determine whether or not electric mobility is commercially feasible rather than whether or not air quality will improve. As gas-powered trucks traveling short distances emit rather high amounts of carbon dioxide, EVs win hands down in the emissions game. The question is whether or not they’ll be cost-effective.

The electric Caddy will retain its 140 cubic feet of storage space, since the lithium ion batteries are built right into the floor, and its 85kW electric motor took the high-roofed wagon to a regulated high speed of just under 75mph during testing. The electric Caddy should be able to haul loads of over 1200 lbs. and VW claims it has a range of 68 miles – not bad for delivery runs within city limits, if it can recharge quickly.

As far as whether or not you can buy one – a VW representative said that there are currently no plans for a private version of the small commercial truck, but that such a vehicle is not out of the question.

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Source: Auto Motor Und Sport | Image: Wikipedia.

Charis Michelsen

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