Green News Roundup: Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The countdown to Christmas is on, and my presents for my loved ones have been rolling in. I’m just about done shopping! But there’s a few things on my list I wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas though. This morning’s highlights includes record-breaking pollution in Beijing, the 2012 Fiat gets just 3 crash-safety stars, and the Nissan LEAF gets sung to by wall sockets.

Air Pollution In Beijing Reaches Record Levels [Treehugger]

Aptera’s Assets To Be Auctioned Off Next Week [Green Car Reports]

VIDEO: Wall Sockets Sing Happy Birthday To Nissan LEAF [YouTube]

Chevy Malibu With eAssist Gets 37 MPG Highway [Green Car Congress]

2012 Fiat 500 Gets Just Three Safety Stars [SafeCar]

DOE Awards $7 Million To Hydrogen Storage Projects [Green Car Congress]

Christopher DeMorro

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