Green News Roundup: December 9th, 2011

Friday is here, and we’re all just a few hours away from the weekend. Huzzah! Until then though, here’s a few green news stories to get you through the next eight hours. Some of today’s highlights include a Smart EV range-extending trailer, GM to use more carbon fiber and composite materials, and Aptera’s founder to give first post-closing interview.Smart EV “Backpack” From Rinspeed Adds Electric Range [Plug-In Cars]

Varley Gets Specific About evR450 Electric Supercar [Autoblog Green]

GM To Use More Carbon Fiber, Composite Materials In Future Cars [Carscoop]

Aptera Founder Gives First Interview After Company Folds  [Green Car Reports]

Proposal For Room-Temp Hydrogen Storage [Green Car Congress]

Tesla Stock Gets Downgraded [Forbes]

Christopher DeMorro

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