VIDEO: Dartz Reveals Bulletproof Electric “Jo-Mojo” Roadster

There were a lot of Tesla Motors naysayers (and frankly, there still are) but if Elon Musk has proven anything, he has proven there is a market for luxury electric vehicles. His success has no doubt influenced the influx of luxury electric cars flooding the upscale market. The latest to join the fray is Dartz with their all-electric, bulletproof Jo-Mojo roadster.

Yes, it’s a bulletproof EV. Dartz specializes in luxury armored vehicles, and now they’re throwing their hat into the luxury EV ring. Perhaps all that Occupy Wall St. stuff has spooked some 1%’ers who are looking for a quiet, bulletproof way to get around.

The Jo-Mojo features an 80 horsepower electric motor that takes the Dartz from 0-60 mph in 9.5 seconds. Ok, so its not exactly Tesla Roadster experience, although the top speed of 125 mph is respectable, if not impressive. A slide-out solar panel roof can provide a tickle charge to the Dartz’s batteries, though there is no mention of range or charging time. 

That says to me this is more a novelty than a serious car. Then again, I bet there is a market for green millionaires who need protection from assassination…

Source: Dartz

Christopher DeMorro

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