Green News Roundup: Thursday, December 8th, 2011

The winter solstice is fast approaching, and this is the first morning in a month that has felt like winter. Bring on the snow I say! Highlights from this morning’s roundup include a floating city outside of San Francisco, Nissan calls coal-powered EV pollution “bullshit,” and water-powered rocket boots.

A Floating City For Techies And Immigrants [The Atlantic Cities]

VIDEO: Autonomous Robo-Bees Build Tower By Themselves [Treehugger]

Nissan Exec Calls EV Coal Pollution “Bullshit” [Green Car Reports]

Electric DeLorean To Get Compositie Body From Epic EV [Autoblog Green]

VIDEO: Water-Powered Rocket Boots [Inhabitat]

Ford Replaces E-250 Van With Transit Connect [Jalopnik]

Christopher DeMorro

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