Smart To Unveil Electric Pickup At Detroit Auto Show

I sent in my press registration for the 2012 North American International Auto Show, better known as the Detroit Auto Show. I’m looking forward to seeing what automakers launch the next year with, and it appears as though I will have to stop by the Smart booth this year. This morning Smart announced that it will debut a miniature electric pickup concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Too Cute To Be A Truck?

Called the Smart For-Us Concept, the tiny little urban pickup looks positively adorable, if not exactly practical. It is just a concept though, so why not have some fun. As an added bonus, it is also all-electric, with a 75 horsepower motor and producing up to 98 ft-lbs of torque. In other words, don’t expect to haul much weight very far.

But the idea of smaller pickup trucks seems to be gaining momentum in America. Full-size trucks are awesome, but not everybody needs a six-foot bed or 300+ horsepower. A smaller truck that made better use of its power would be just dandy by me…though the 11.6 foot Smart For-Us concept might be a bit too tiny. I’m pretty sure that would fit into the bed of a big dually farm truck, and making practical jokes too easy and tempting.

Still, while I am at the show I will make sure to stop by the Smart booth and take a gander at this cute pickup up close.

Source: Smart

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