Here It Is, The Toyota Prius GT300 Race Car

The Toyota Prius is an exceptional vehicle if you’re looking for great fuel economy. Looking to go fast? Not so much. But Toyota seems intent on showing the world that it’s hybrid technology is just as adept at racing as it is at saving fuel. The latest rumor swirling about the Internet is that the Toyota Prius GT300 could replace the Corolla in Japan’s Super GT racing series.

This sketch, which could have come from anywhere, hardly looks like a Prius. Yet it is true that Toyota is pimping the Prius as its new flagship car while old standbys, like the Corolla, take a step back. A Corolla Axio currently races the Super GT championship, and Toyota may replace it with the Prius GT300 racer above.

Is that not the most badass Prius ever conceived? I think so, and it is just one of Toyota’s many recent racing developments regarding EV’s and hybrids. Toyota recently set a new Nurburgring record for electric vehicles, and will enter a hybrid prototype in the 2012 FIA World Endurance Championship.

If you know my writing, you know I am not a Toyota fan. But this stuff? I can get excited for this, and I hope Toyota sees to applying hybrid technology not just as a fuel saver, but a performance booster as well. It would help shake off the boring-but-reliable stigma that has affected their standing with people like me, who want a car that evokes passion and emotion. And in fairness, the Prius does that just that…just not for me. But make it faster and sleeker looking, and I can get excited about damn near any car.

Me, excited by a Prius. It really must be the end times.

Source: Motorpasion via Autoblog

Christopher DeMorro

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