CNGci Introduces 500L Tanks for 2012

Thinking about a DIY conversion to get your guzzler of petroleum and on to CNG? You’ll need a tank to store the pressurized gas – and now, thanks to CNG Cylinders International, you won’t be limited by a small storage cylinder.

It may not be a sexy CNG-powered supercar or an ultra-clean, ultra-slick CNG Civic, but the 500L type 3 storage cylinder shown here is exactly what many commercial fleets that cover lots of ground need to make clean-burning CNG seem like a feasible alternative to gasoline or diesel. As with all type 3 tanks, this new CNGci tank features an aluminum liner, wrapped in high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber. This one, however, uses a forged aluminum liner that delivers nearly double the capacity of the next highest-capacity type 3 tank available, in the same (roughly) 16 x 60″ space, according to Randolf Wollgiehn, CNGci’s head of marketing. “CNGci differentiates itself from other companies by being the only manufacturer to develop a forged liner technology through design, and by investing heavily in research and development to offer the highest quality cylinders.”

Sure, it’s market-speak, but the natural gas corridor won’t take off without packaging innovations like CNGci’s, and I (as a fan of CNG as a fuel, if not the most common means of its extraction) am happy to read about it.

Source | Photos: CNGci, via NGV Global.

Jo Borrás

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