Green News Roundup: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2011

Good morning, dear readers. It’s time for your daily fix of green news from around the web. Some of this morning’s highlights include natural gas fuel injection for trains, the Chevy Volt won’t make its sales goals, and the next Acura NSX will be a hybrid.

Westinghouse Working On CNG Fuel Injection For Trains [Green Car Congress]

Thailand Aims To Increase Alt-Fuel Usage 25% By 2025 [Nation Multimedia]

GM Won’t Make Chevy Volt Sales Goal Of 10,000 Units This Year [Gigoam]

FAA Awards 8 Grants For Cleaner Jet Fuel Research [Biofuels Digest]

Next Acura NSX To Be Hybrid, Look Like Tony Stark’s Car [Jalopnik]

Virginia Clean Cities Promotes Propane Autogas [TBD]


Christopher DeMorro

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