Green News Roundup: December 1st, 2011

Happy December! It is finally starting to feel like winter around here, but the green news world is still heating up with some good news. Today’s highlights include GM adding sun-tracking solar trees to one of its plants, Nissan’s LEAF Nismo Concept, and Americans might be paying $9 a gallon for gas this winter.

Consumer Reports: Chevy Volt Tops Owner Satisfaction Survey [Autoblog Green]

Sun-Tracking Solar Trees Installed At GM Plant [Treehugger]

Nissan To Revive Altima Hybrid In 2014 [Hybrid Cars]

Nome, Alaska Could Face $9 A Gallon Gas This Winter [Huffington Post]

Nissan LEAF Gets Performance Nismo Version [Autoblog]

Mitsubishi i Goes All-Natural With Wood Paneling [Green Car Reports]

Christopher DeMorro

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