Video: The World’s Fastest Electric Lawnmower

There is a tremendous shift going on in the racing world as teams across the globe move to embrace alternative fuels and electric vehicles. Just how prevalent is this trend? Well down in Australia, they’ve got an electric lawnmower with a top speed of more than 55 mph…faster than many electric motorcycles, as this video shows.

Australia is a hell of a country if you’re into car customization, but they’ve also got an up-and-coming electric racing scene as well. Oz-based Catavolt recently won Australia’s first all-electric motorcycle race. The Catavolt also recently completed a 177 kph/110 mph land speed pass, which is far from record breaking, but still impressive. Coming off this victory they were no doubt feeling cocky…at least until Travis Harkey and his electric lawnmower showed up.

Using the same Catavolt electric motor as the TTXGP motorcycle it would compete against, Travis’ electric lawnmower zoomed past the EV two-wheels and never looked back. With an estimated top speed of around 90 kph/55 mph, this EV mower significantly faster than many officially sanctioned gas-powered racing lawn mowers (whose average speed is between 25 and 45 mph.)

Anyways, I thought it was a neat video between cooky EV’s. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

Christopher DeMorro

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