Evo Drives Audi’s LeMans-winning Diesel (w/ Video)

Take it from someone who’s been there: 24 hour endurance races are grueling experiences that test your patience, stamina, and sanity over 24 hours peppered with moments of joy, fear, and noise … and that’s just sitting in the stands!

Endurance racing is quite a thing, in other words, and the ultra-fast prototype sportscars that race in these events offer technology that’s rivaled only by Lockheed’s Nevada-desert skunkworks and Formula 1. Technologically, endurance racing is a big deal, and Audi’s R series of diesel-powered endurance racers have been the biggest deal in endurance racing for several years running, pushing Audi’s clean-diesel technology forward almost as quickly as it’s been tearing up tarmac. Audi, once again, won summer’s LeMans race (by seconds!) with its dominant Rs, and recently ended the 2011 racing season on a high … which makes what happened next really special.

They invited a magazine to come drive it!

Magazine drivers are very rarely invited to drive championship-winning cars, but UK’s Evo got the nod, and you’ve got the video (below).


Source: Evo UK.

Jo Borrás

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