A Small Economy Car? What Would the Neighbors Think!?

Last week’s LA Auto show saw the debut of Doking’s electric “luxury” citycar, which looked to combine urban maneuverability and premium materials on a level two steps above what’s been offered by premium compacts from Mercedes, Mini, and Lancia in the past. No matter how “green” or “premium” a car might be, however, there are buyers out there who still feel there’s a negative around owning a small car – especially in some wealthier circles. What are green-minded, image-conscious young Emiratis people to do?

The answer, apparently, is to send one of Scion’s iQ minis over to Aston Martin to get the full Cygnet treatment, then – as if to underscore that its owner can afford a bigger car, but doesn’t want a bigger car – have the whole thing covered in gold.


I remember when Aston Martin built nice cars, don’t you?

Here’s a few more pictures of the thing, in case you feel particularly penitent and want to suffer. Enjoy … or something.

Source | Photos: Aston Martin, via Autoblog.NL

Jo Borrás

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