The Prettiest Solar Car in the World Comes From Bochum

The Prettiest Solar Car in the World Comes From BochumSolar cars aren’t traditionally thought of as being pretty. The University of Bochum, however, put some thought into the aesthetics of the car they brought to Australia’s World Solar Challenge this year and it paid off – they didn’t finish the race, but they did get a prize anyway.

The prize given to the University of Bochum was not for participation – it was the third time in a row the university has won the Design Award, which is presented to vehicles which innovatively and spectacularly embody the theme of electric mobility within the confines of the rules of the World Solar Challenge.

Overall, the team only placed 26th – it was one of the vast majority of solar cars that didn’t finish the race under its own power. Only 7 cars, in fact, drove the entire distance down to Adelaide; the rest were packed up into their support convoys and straggled in, victims of bush fires, rain, and generally bad weather.

Team chief Tim Skerra is happy to have the award anyway – pretty didn’t help them finish or even finish the race, but at least it got them a prize to take home.

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Charis Michelsen

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