Infiniti Teases Upcoming Plug-In Hybrid Sports

At the L.A. Auto Show, Nissan didn’t have a lot going for it in terms of sustainable vehicles, and neither did Infiniti. Just as I was about to write them off though, Ben Poore mentioned an upcoming “luxury LEAF” that will debut at next year’s New York Auto Show. Now Infiniti has released a couple of teaser pictures of an upcoming plug-in hybrid sports car concept.

The two teaser shots make it difficult to ascertain whether this is a coupe, or a sedan, but I am definitely seeing hints from the Nissan ESFLOW concept that debuted earlier this year. This plug-in hybrid will hopefully be rear-wheel drive in addition to having a decent all-electric range and a range-extending gas motor. Nissan has a strong performance history, and a rear-wheel drive plug-in hybrid is just what the world needs.

Of course, being an Infinti, it is sure to carry a premium price tag…but that’s what the used car market is for, right?

I like what little I can see in the teaser shots, and I hope it isn’t too long before we see more companies explore the idea of plug-in hybrid sports cars. There’s so much potential for performance in an electric motor/gas engine combination. I just hope they follow through.

Source: Infiniti

Christopher DeMorro

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