2012 Baja 1000 To Introduce Electric Vehicle Racing

Racing and green energy may seem like strange bedfellows, but the performance potential in alternative fuels and electric vehicles is really starting to be explored. SCORE, the organization behind the Baja 1000, are introducing the Redstone-Sun Cup, a solar-powered electric vehicle racing challenge that organizers hope will spur creativity and ingenuity.

Powered By The Sun

Redstone Energy, headed by former three-star General James Pillsbury and co-founder Rick Skelton have joined forces with SCORE, the organization that puts on the annual Baja 1000 trans-desert race. Their goal is to demonstrate that if a battery-powered vehicle can handle 1000 miles of Baja desert, it is good enough to get you to work. And being that the race is in the desert, solar power is going to play a major role in recharging these off-road EV’s.
I cannot advocate the pair of racing and green energy enough. Once people start to see what electric vehicles are capable on the racing circuit, they’ll start clamoring to be a part of the EV action. It will also be a lot more cost efficient; dragging thousands of gallons of racing fuel to the middle of the desert is a costly, time-consuming process. But if solar-powered battery charging stations could be deployed instead, hundreds of thousands of dollars (at least) could be saved during just a single racing session.

That is to say, if every team were running solar-powered EV’s.Of course the days of pure-electric Baja 1000’s are still a long ways off. But the Redstone-Sun Cup will hopefully spur innovation and show racing fans the power of the sun and electric vehicles.Source: SCORE International | Image: Big Coop

Christopher DeMorro

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