Undefeated Propane Mustang Takes Home 2nd NMCA Title

Alternative fuels have a lot of negative press to overcome, first and foremost in my mind is the idea that only gas-powered cars are fast. Well my friends, tell that to Susan Roush-Mclenaghan who, along with teammate Donnie Bowles, took their propane-powered Ford Mustang to a second-consecutive drag racing championship a few weeks ago.

Driven To Win

ROUSH Performance is well known among racing circles, and besides building badass Mustangs, they are also well integrated in NASCAR. But ROUSH has a clean little secret; they perform propane conversions on trucks and vans…and as it turns out, Mustangs too. Susan and Don’s 700 horsepower Mustangs were converted to propane two seasons ago, and since then they have not lost a single NMCA race.

The 5.4 liter V8 engine, designed for the Ford GT supercar, now boasts a carbureted propane setup that reduces emissions while boosting horsepower ( in addition to modifications like high-flow cylinder heads, performance camshafts, etc. etc.) The 10-second Mustang runs in the Open Competition class, one of the toughest classes to compete in as it allows any year, make, and model of car to compete…including those running on alternative fuels like propane. The ROUSH propane Mustang faced off against plenty of fierce competition, but fended them all off to take home their second championship since converting to propane.

I for one am a big fan of propane as a transition fuel which allows gearheads like me to enjoy cars like the ROUSH Mustang, without all the guilt. Don’t get me wrong, quiet EV’s are great, and can be plenty fast too…but there is nothing like the rumble and roar of an American V8. And you just don’t get that with an EV.

Source: Propane.pro | ROUSH Performance 

Christopher DeMorro

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