Video: 1,088 HP Electric Car Hits The Road

There are always going to be dreamers and artists who remained tethered to reality only by the taxes and bills they must pay. This means all sorts of concept vehicles and designs are coming out on a regular basis and very, very few every make it beyond a scale clay model. But the Rimac Automobilii Concept One is actually a road-worthy vehicle, all 1,088 horsepower of it.

The Rimac Automobilii Concept One first debuted this past September at the Geneva Auto Show. Sure, it was there in the flesh, but did anyone ever think an electric supercar with a supposed 1,088 horsepower and a 600km range would see the road? Probably not. And yet here is video proof that, at the very least, it can move under its own power.

Should I be excited about this? No, probably not. Even if it is ever made, the price will be so astronomical as to relegate it to just a few wealthy garages. And all the video shows is a bit of driving and rolling around a parking lot, so really, it could have all of 50 horsepower for all we know. But the idea of electric cars as a premium vehicle seems to be catching on…and what the wealthy have, the rest of us want, right?

And beyond all of that…this is one beautiful vehicle. If I could make love to this car, I would…but there is no exhaust pipe! Which is just another reason to love it.

Source: YouTube


Christopher DeMorro

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