Ford Reveals Details of 2013's 1.0L EcoBoost (video)

Somewhat lost in the hubbub of last week’s LA Auto Show and EICMA news was Ford’s reveal of the production version of its upcoming 1.0L turbocharged Ecoboost engine, set to see duty in Ford’s Fiesta, Focus, and Transit Connect models as early as next year.

Ford first began doling out the details of the Motor Company’s smallest engine ever this summer, but this latest “reveal” covers all the gear-head goodness, with a cgi-heavy video (at top) that explains the engine’s aluminum cylinder-head construction and highlights the fact that the engine’s exhaust manifold (which feeds the turbo) is integrated into the head – an innovative solution to the sort of packaging and lag problems common to turbocharged engines.

In addition to a clever head design, this littlest Ford engine features “radial” crankshaft construction (there is no “top dead center”, in other words), direct-injection, variable valve timing, and a unique coolant management system that prevents engine coolant from the block in cold-starts, which helps to bring the engine up to temperature quickly and reducing harmful cold-start emissions.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally was on-hand to say that “The new 1.0-litre EcoBoost – and our entire family of EcoBoost engines – represent technology breakthroughs that deliver power, fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions through turbocharging and direct injection.” which (despite the heavy PR-speak) seems pretty accurate!

Mulally drove off in an early-production Fiesta fitted with the small Ecoboost, which the company hopes will be enough to fend off the ultra-high MPG offerings coming from the MultiAir-powered Dodge and Chrysler/Lancia lineups later this year.

Source: Ford of Europe, via WorldCarFans.

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