Mitsubishi's i-MiEV is Awesome (Says the EPA)

i-MiEV EPA rankingPutting on a few pounds and expanding around the edges hasn’t hurt the i-MiEV’s energy efficiency at all. According to the EPA’s 2012 fuel economy guidelines, the i-MiEV has a top-notch ranking – it’s number one.

According to the EPA, the combined city/highway mileage that can be expected from the i-MiEV is 112MPGe, with the most efficient energy use being in the city (126MPGe) rather than the highway (99MPGe). Both of those numbers are far above standard gasoline-powered cars.

Mitsubishi is rather pleased with its little car; the company released a statement this week noting that the EPA ranking is a point of pride, and that being able to offer highly efficient electric cars at a low price is a sound economic model.

Either way, it’s still a pretty cute little EV – although I personally enjoy the Hello Kitty version.

Source | Image: Green Car View.

Charis Michelsen

spent 7 years living in Germany and Japan, studying both languages extensively, doing translation and education with companies like Bosch, Nissan, Fuji Heavy, and others. Charis has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. She also believes that Janeway was the best Star Trek Captain.