Hyundai Aiming to Displace Toyota With Electric Innovation

Hyundai Patents FiledHyundai’s been working hard over the past several years to prove that it can build cars just as well as Honda or Toyota – and now that they have the reputation of building cars to last, they’re setting their sights on acquiring a reputation for innovation. According to a patent ranking list, they’re doing a pretty good job.

While the Japanese have traditionally (if such a word can be applied to such recent events) been at the top of the electric mobility innovation field, their South Korean neighbors and rivals are catching up. According to the list compiled by the German law firm Gruenecker earlier this week, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda have registered the most patents over the last five years. However, looking at 2011 alone, Hyundai has reached 2nd place.

Toyota tops the list with a staggering 2400+ patents filed between 2006 and 2011, and 188 patents filed this year alone. Hyundai and its sister company Kia are trying to close the gap – 69 patents filed this year.

While Hyundai has quite a ways to go before it can match the sheer numbers of Nissan, Honda, or even Ford, its pace shows no sign of slowing. Do you think Hyundai will keep up its innovative output – or does the number of patents filed even matter for the company? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Patent Registrations for Electric and Hybrid Technology (2011)

  1. Toyota (188)
  2. Hyundai/Kia (69)
  3. Nissan/Renault (58)
  4. Honda (51)
  5. Ford (51)
  6. Mitsubishi (50)
  7. Daimler (46)
  8. PSA (30)
  9. VW (27)
  10. BMW (27)
  11. Suzuki (22)
  12. Mazda (20)
  13. GM (17)
  14. Chrysler (16)
  15. Fiat Group (1)

Patent Registrations for Electric and Hybrid Technology (2006-2011)

  1. Toyota (2454)
  2. Nissan/Renault (899)
  3. Honda (691)
  4. Ford (419)
  5. Mitsubishi (330)
  6. Hyundai/Kia (234)
  7. Daimler (172)
  8. GM (170)
  9. PSA (155)
  10. Mazda (132)
  11. VW (129)
  12. BMW (115)
  13. Suzuki (64)
  14. Chrysler (35)
  15. Fiat Group (15)

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