Volkswagen’s Next Electric Van: Less Hippie, More Teamster

Ze Germans are coming! Volkswagen Group plans to become the world’s largest automaker, and in that regard they are exploring all avenues of alternative fuels. So while VW is known for its efficient diesel engines, they are also working electric vehicles like the Bulli Microbus and this latest electrified concept, the eT! Concept van.

The Working Man’s Micro Bus

The commercial electric van market has huge potential to explode in the coming decade, and Volkswagen definitely wants a slice of that action. the eT! Concept offers fleet consumers a capable, sustainable vehicle. With four wheel-hub motors, the all-electric concept does not get a stated range or recharge time as of yet (that will have to wait for an official unveiling.)

But it does come with some nifty, forward-thinking ideas, like a “drive-stick” located on the passenger’s side that allows the eT! Concept to be driven from either front seat. This concept can also be controlled semi-autonomously, like following another vehicle, or returning to a designated location. It also has two electronically-operated side-panel doors to make loading and unloading a little easier.

Don’t expect the eT! to make it to showroom floors anytime soon (if ever.) The world needs forward-thinking ideas like this though, and I’m sure some of these features will appeal to business owners the world over.

Source: Volkswagen

Christopher DeMorro

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