Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota Does Everything

Toyota FT-EV II at Tokyo Motor Show 2011Toyota will show up at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 with four new vehicles – two of them slated to go on sale within a few months, and two which may or may not make it to an assembly line. All of them will have Toyota’s next-generation power train. They’re also pretty cute.


The Aqua will go on sale this year at the end of December representing Toyota’s new generation of hybrid cars. It’s a 5-door hatchback, which makes it both super cute and useful for hauling stuff around. At 157” long, 67” wide, and just 57” tall, it’s smaller than the Prius in every dimension. The engine displacement is smaller than the Prius, too – 1.5 liters. With the eco 10.15 mode activated, Toyota claims the Aqua will make 94mpg. In the performance JC08 mode, Toyota claims the Aqua will still make 82mpg.

Prius Plug-In Hybrid

The Prius Plug-In Hybrid is supposed to go on sale starting next year; the commercially available version is the one going on display. It comes with a high-capacity battery, which (as per the name) can plug into any standard outlet, and Toyota claims it should get 134mpg.

The neat thing, of course, about a plug-in hybrid is that it can go short distances as purely an electric car. The Prius version will go just shy of 15 miles on its battery – which is totally awesome for inner city bumper to bumper traffic. On the other hand, its standard gasoline engine also lets the driver just go without worrying about battery charge levels or the EV charging infrastructure. Since not many places are currently ultra-friendly for electric cars, Toyota feels this feature is also attractive.


The first of Toyota’s two prototypes is its fuel cell vehicle, the FCV-R. The fuel cells in question are hydrogen, which does seem promising as a potential energy source. As a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the car has zero exhaust gas or carbon dioxide emissions. Toyota claims that on a full tank, so to speak, the car’s range is well over 400 miles (more than my car gets per tank of gas!).

Toyota aims to introduce its fuel cell vehicles to the market by 2015.


Last but not least is Toyota’s cute little electric car, the FT-EV II (pictured up at the top – go ahead and scroll up, I’ll wait). The FT-EV II uses the iQ as its base, and is equipped with lithium ion batteries. It has a range of about 65 miles on a full charge, and might go on sale at some point next year. It’s definitely the cutest of the lot, if you ask me.

Source: Toyota

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