Green News Roundup: Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Less than 24 hours from now yours truly (joined by pinkyracer herself, Susanna Schick) will be trolling the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center to check out this year’s L.A. Auto Show. But that is tomorrow! Today, you want some news, right? Some of this morning’s highlights include KTM’s new electric motorcycle, a solar EV charger angers environmentalists, and the Nissan Leaf not so hot in Hong Kong.

KTM Launches Its First Electric Motorcycle [Gizmag]

Report: Most Consumers Favor Higher Fuel Economy Standards [Autoblog]

Tesla Shareholder Report Reveals Daimler Deal, SUV for 2013 [Tesla]

Solar Powered EV Charger Angers Environmentalists [Treehugger]

Scion, Daihatsu Plotting Small Pickup for U.S.? [The Truth About Cars]

Nissan LEAF Unloved In Hong Kong [Bloomberg]


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