Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan ESFLOW Aims for Authentic Electric Sports Car Experience

Nissan Esflow Electric Sports CarA classic sports car design with advanced EV technology under the hood? Maybe – Nissan is presenting its prototype electric sports car, the ESFLOW, at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 next month and hopes to capture the attention of both sports car enthusiasts and those of us who want our rides to run on batteries.

At its heart, the ESFLOW is the product of the love of classic sports cars paired with the desire to make it all electric – the car even keeps the lever-type parking brake for those who enjoy aggressive driving styles. Tatsuya Shiozaki, assistant manager of Nissan’s product planning department’s lead planning office, admits freely that the design is mainly meant to incorporate a sense of fun.

It’s The Little Things That Count

Shiozaki speaks enthusiastically of the attention to even the smallest details of the car’s appearance and operating system, down to the basics and into the parts that the average customer will never see. “My deepest desire is that you can tell it’s a classically-inspired sports car just by looking at it,” he says.

Even the type of headlights and taillights were designed to mesh sportiness with the standard Nissan motif, at which point one must look at the ESFLOW and wonder how much inspiration was taken from Nissan’s Z-cars. “Absolutely none,” says Shiozaki. “There is no relation at all.”

…Really? Check out the gallery and let us know what you think, in the comments, below.


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