Green News Roundup: Monday, November 14th, 2011

With another weekend behind us, it is time to look forward to what is sure to be a busy week in the green news world. That’s because the L.A. Auto Show is almost upon us, and I will be joining Susanna Schick in the City of Angels for a number of green car unveilings. But that’s not until Wednesday. Today in the green news roundup, the electric Tron motorcycle gets a price, Bob Lutz thinks Tesla will “make it,” and cellulosic ethanol still needs to get cheaper.

“Xenon” Electric Tron Light Bike Will Cost $50,000 [Autoblog Green]

SEAT Unveils First EV and Plug-In Hybrid [Green Car Congress]

Report: Chevy Volt Did NOT Cause N. Caroline Garage Fire [Green Car Reports]

Study: Cellulosic Ethanol Needs To Get Cheaper To Compete WIth Corn [Domestic Fuel]

Bob Lutz Interview on the Volt, Tesla Motors [San Francisco Gate]

Teacher Bikes from UK to Arctic Circle [Good]


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