Well, Frack Me! (or: the Chemicals are in the Water Now)

Natural gas seems to be a promising source of future fuel, with high-octane characteristics highly favorable to producing both ultra-clean emissions AND super-high horsepower in both high compression and turbo-boosted engines.

The downside to natural gas’ clean-burning awesomeness, however, is fracking, which seems like it would be bad (what with all the earthquakes and potential poisoning of well water). Gas companies have firmly denied that hydraulic fracking posed a real threat, however, and no “smoking gun” evidence has shown up to prove otherwise.

Or, no evidence had shown up, at least, until someone at the EPA happened to find some of the chemical signatures of hydraulic fracking in the Pavillion, Wyoming water supply.

Cleantechnica’s Tina Casey has the story, below.

Source: Cleantechnica.

Jo Borrás

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