Suzie Q, Baby I Love You … in Tokyo!

I can’t prove it, but I just know that Suzuki’s marketers were listening to Creedence when they christened the company’s Renault Twizy-fighter they’re set to debut in Tokyo at this year’s 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.  Like the Twizy (and VW’s Nils, for that matter), Suzuki’s Q seats 2 in tandem, with an adjustable rear seating arrangement that can be swapped out to fit 2 child seats.

There’s no word on the Q’s production plans, but Suzuki has a strong (albeit, troubled) technical relationship with Volkswagen, and a vehicle like the Q coming from Suzuki could provide the VW group with sufficient economies of scale to move forward with its own Nils and its upscale partner, the Audi Urban.

If this family of vehicles do see production, expect pricing from the Suzuki and VW variants to be on par with Renault and Nissan’s (around 12000 USD), with the Audi priced 25-50% higher (just like the Jetta:A3, Passat:A4, and New Beetle:TT price structures).  Do not, however, expect to see that iPhone lock/dashboard thing – that is pure Hollywood.  Although, it would be hilarious to watch the airbag jam that thing through a test dummy’s skull in super slow-mo … just sayin’.

Source:  Suzuki, via Gizmag.

Jo Borrás

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