EICMA 2011: New Vespa 46 Wows the World

This week was EICMA, the motorcycle equivalent of the Tokyo, Geneva, and Detroit Auto Shows all rolled into one – and this little beauty was the star of the show. Officially, it’s called the Vespa 46, but they could have glued chrome badges reading “La Bella Macchina” to the side of the little blue 2-wheeler and no-one would have batted an eyelash.

The design is a modern interpretation of the original 1946 MP6 prototype that would go on to become the iconic Vespa scooter – a brand synonymous with the type of product it launched, and a huge part of Italian fashion, the British Mod scene, American cinema, and India’s manufacturing economy over the past 60-plus years. The 46, then, is something of a retro-model, powered by the same Leader-class engine in Vespa’s current LX series (available in 125 cc and 150 cc flavors).

The 46 will see production in early 2012, and will make it to market with a full steel body, 50+ mph top speed, and (of course) some of the sexiest scooter curves to come out of Italy since … well, 1946! All wrapped in a handy-dandy 70+ mpg package that makes Vespanomics, well – sexier!

Enjoy the gallery, below, via High Snobiety.

Source | Photos: EICMA 2011, High Snobiety.


Jo Borrás

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