Video: “Don’t Make Me Get The Tank”

Bike lanes have been popping up in cities across the country as people go from fossil fuels to pedal power. But not everybody likes that parking spots are turning into bike lanes, and on any given day you’ll find more than a few inconsiderate people who park in bike lanes. The mayor of Vilinius, Lithuania sent a powerful message over the summer when he crushed an offending vehicle with a tank. And apparently the good mayor has made his way to New York with his message…

You Gonna Git Crushed

This brief video was uploaded by Mayor Arturas Zuokas, whose video of him riding along in a tank as it crushed a Mercedes illegally parked in a bike lane went viral this summer. Apparently Zuokas found himself in New York City recently, judging from the “Hudson River” sign and New York license plates. And he brought along with him a very interesting sticker.

In New York City there are laws against parking in bike lanes, though enforcement is obviously lacking. So Mayor Zuokas brought with him a sticker that says “Don’t Make Me Get The Tank” referencing his earlier exploits. Not everybody will get the joke, but the people who do might be looking over their shoulder for a lumbering armored vehicle next time they park in a bike lane.

Hat tip to Inga Simanonyte!

Christopher DeMorro

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